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23 July 2019 @ 6 - 8 pm


We have all received advice on how to handle depression, anxiety, or manic states. But very few people talk about the “space in-between.” That space that keeps you on the plateau between lows and highs, where the answer to ”how are you” is “Okay” or “Fine”… _That space where you feel like you want to take over the world, but when it comes to taking action you are either too tired, too fearful, or have just lost the drive. _


Exhaustion and ambition are two fighting forces that constantly knock at our door, and when you are in a state of limbo, or feeling overwhelmed, it can be very hard to make decisions from an authentic, connected place. 


The “Space In-Between” is a workshop where we will explore how we can move through phases of stagnation, shift energy, and collect resources (external and internal) that can support us through these times. 


This two hour workshop will begin with a 60 minute Yoga practice that includes breathing techniques to help calm and balance the mind, as well as poses that stimulate and calm the nervous system. 


The Yoga session will be followed by a tea ceremony and discussion. The tea served will be a custom brew made by the magical Kelly from Milq&Honey- a blend of indigenous ingredients all with properties serving the intention of moving forward, gaining connection, finding strength, and accepting vulnerability.  We will then move on to the discussion where I will share more practical, tangible tips and tools that you can use to help you stay motivated and on track when you are perhaps lacking internal strength and the ability to move forward. 


This workshop is for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, feeling disconnected, trying to find their purpose, or strengthen their soul's expression. 


We can only move forward once we learn who we are. Until then, we are walking a path we “think” is our truth - but never really feels quite right.


We will explore tools like the Chakra systems, Yamas, and Niyamas to help us navigate our daily lives.

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