Beginner Sessions

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Private sessions for those who are new to the practice are a great way to learn the fundamentals. In these sessions you'll get to know safe and effective alignment, tailored to your specific anatomy. You'll also go through the foundational asana poses and start to develop a relationship to your breath. 

Intermediate Sessions

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For the more intermediate student wanting to advance their practice. Let me know where you find yourself getting stuck and perhaps need assistance in breaking through to a new stage. A session tailored to your needs, whether it be strength, flexibility or deeper focus.


Therapeutic Sessions

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Sometimes the body needs healing and repair more than anything else. These sessions are designed to be therapeutic and to aid the body in its healing process. Therapeutic work can help to reduce fatigue, pain, immobility and general stress in the body.

Anxiety, Depression and Mental Support Sessions

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These sessions are aimed at individuals looking to create more emotional or mental stability within themselves through the physical body. Being diagnosed with bipolar myself, I can testify to the many benefits I've found through yoga and other mind-body practices. 

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