What is the most important thing to know about me? 

Yoga was the gateway for me to arrive at Myself. 


I cannot emphasise enough how much practising Yoga has changed my life and how it is now the most important tool I use to help others transform their lives. 


I entered the world of yoga after eight years of travelling, learning photography and working as a producer in South Africa and abroad. I spent five years Shala Cape Town Yoga School completing my 200 Hour and 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training. In those five years, I also managed the studio full-time and helped create the Girlchild Project which aims to supply sustainable sanitary wear to girls in the Earthchild Project.


During this time I trained with and studied under multiple teachers and experts in the field of Yoga, including Patrick Creelman from Hong Kong, David Jacobs and Jürgen Meusel (two of South Africa’s most senior Iyengar teachers), and Keith McFarlane (lymph specialist and Creator of Cell Power). I also had the privilege to be privately tutored for 5 years by Tamsin and Tom Sheehy, owners of The Shala and experts in their fields.


Before my Yoga journey began, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and witnessed first hand the chaos and destruction that mental health issues can cause when untreated. I am now a strong advocate for the use of alternative healing in addition to traditional allopathic medicine.


The practice of yoga is so holistic, because it addresses the connections between the different layers of self.  As soon as my eyes opened to this, I realised that the potential for healing and transformation lies deep within all individuals. 


I teach from experience and am therefore inspired to continue learning about the relationship of the physical body with the energetic and spiritual bodies. To continue my education, I'm diligent about working on my daily practice and about participating in courses and workshops every chance I get.


My teaching is not purely Yoga, but rather a collective of alternative healing practices that have helped me to heal and to find a more abundant and balanced life.


Teaching Yoga is not my career. Teaching Yoga is my Purpose.


As a teacher and life-long student, I pledge to undo all that is false and step into all that is True. 


"Kathleen is one of my favourite yoga teachers.  Her classes are intuitive – they always seem to provide exactly what I need on that day and I leave the studio feeling amazing!  Her asana sequences are creative and well-choreographed yet flow naturally and gracefully.  The poses are strong and challenging, yet gentle and nourishing.  The group of yogis who attend her morning classes regularly (even through the bitter cold and dark of a Cape Town winter!) are a clear testament to her teaching ability and personable nature.  Kathleen is a beautiful person and teacher, inside and out."

Leigh - Owner and Teacher at House of Yoga


"Kathleen Booyse is a very dear friend of mine. When she started her Yoga journey a few years ago I was awe-struck by her depth of understanding Yoga in all its forms in the development of the human body. I am a long distance runner and struggle with very tight hips; Kathleen suggested private sessions to focus on hip mobility stretches. Since my first session Kathleen was extremely professional by being prepared with the knowledge to assist me to be a better female runner. I can honestly say that since seeing her just once a week I felt more comfortable on the run and was injury free pre-race day. 

Kathleen is passionate about the human body and how yoga can influence the body to function and perform better; this skill is what makes her practice very special and a privilege to attend her classes."

Imgard - Professional Long-distance Athlete


"I attended Kath's first yoga class at the Shala, and have been attending her morning classes since then and have also had some private yoga classes with her. It's always a joy to see her smiling face when you come through the door! She's warm, fun, friendly and kind. Her style of teaching is clear, encouraging and alignment focussed. She asks you to show up for yourself, but also to be gentle, to take it as far as you need on that day. Kath is intuitive and always makes her students feel held and heard. She's been such a support for me as a student!"


Nicole - Yoga Teacher


"The first time I met Kiki, was at my regular yoga studio. She was signing people in. I’d not been in a while & she had been appointed the manager, in the interim. At that stage of my life, I did not always feel at ease with myself & was a little trepidatious, coming back to the studio after such a long sabbatical. I felt immediately welcomed & comfortable by the natural warmth she exudes. It was as if we’d always been friends. 

Kiki is unpretentious, sincere & warm, which enable those around her to feel completely at ease within themselves. These qualities carry through in her teaching, where there is no pretence, only a sense of being willing to try, to play & to laugh at oneself. She teaches with honesty & care & just a little bit of “challenge yourself”, all wrapped up in the reminder to “not take it so seriously”! Yoga asana practice is often used as a metaphor for life – well, isn’t that the perfect metaphor – be honest, take care of yourself, challenge yourself just a little but don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself & have fun along the way. Thank you Kiki, for your beautiful, honest vibration. "


Robin Knowles - Yoga Teacher & Kinesiologist


"Kathleen’s teaching embodies that rare combination of authentic yoga instruction coupled with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and how it translates into modern life. Equally playfully and grounding, her classes leave you feeling full, yet excited for your next practice. Her thoughtful approach to her classes is always evident as well as her deep knowledge of yoga, which she's always eager to share. This knowledge comes from years of dedicated yoga practice and study as well as her expert understanding of human physiology from her kinesiology studies. It’s been one of the greatest privileges to practice with Kathleen for the past few years. Her teachings have guided me both on the yoga mat as well as off the mat in how I move through each day. I couldn't recommend a more qualified or capable pair of hands to guide another through their yoga practice."


Paul Daniels - Yoga Teacher

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